We supply Korean brand cosmetics in bulk worldwide
We work directly with manufacturers and official representatives, ensuring high-quality and authentic products
We have a genuine passion for our business and the people we work with
Love & Joy Korea is a global supplier of Korean cosmetics. We partner with the finest Korean brands, enabling customers from around the world to purchase cosmetics directly from manufacturers. Our base is in South Korea, and we actively participate in brand exhibitions and meetings.
Our clients consist of modern companies and entrepreneurs dedicated to enhancing their customers' beauty, satisfaction, and happiness.
Official Representative for Amuse
Exclusive Representative for Papa Recipe
Recognized as the Best Cosmetics Supplier by Hwahae
Hwahae is Korea's premier review and analysis site for Korean products. Reviews can only be submitted with passport data, and all user accounts belong to real individuals, ensuring that the cosmetics are chosen by genuine Korean consumers.
Over 90% of our product range is vegan. We prioritize our customers' well-being and avoid questionable brands and products.
These brands create unique formulations, patent new formulas, have a meaningful philosophy, and enjoy recognition not only in Korea but globally.
And engage with customers, listen to their wishes, and continually improve their products.
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Are rated by Hwahae
Are environmentally, socially, and animal-friendly
Are committed to innovation and quality
Value their customers' feedback
We meticulously select brands that:
amuse makeup
papa recipe
We offer free shipping within Korea to your chosen transportation company. You'll receive comprehensive product information, including expiration dates, shipping dates, quantity, and cost.
Our direct collaboration with manufacturers allows us to provide more competitive prices compared to intermediaries.
Our support specialists are with you from order placement to receipt, ready to help resolve any issues.
We take great care in packaging to ensure your goods arrive safely.
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Free Shipping within Korea
competitive prices
Comprehensive Support
Secure Packaging
Why Choose Us?
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make an application and we will send you price list
Why Ordering from Korea is Advantageous
B2B transactions have become straightforward and convenient. Ordering directly from Korea offers several benefits:
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Direct delivery is more cost-effective than buying through intermediaries.
You'll receive the latest Korean products immediately after their market release, while Russian sellers typically offer them 3-5 months later.
immediately receive new products
Order the required quantity without being limited by stock availability at intermediaries.
no limited quantity
Why Brands Choose to Collaborate with Us
We carefully choose the brands we collaborate with, fostering long-lasting relationships through our commitment to individualized approaches.
We develop marketing strategies for brand development, introduce brands to bloggers and beauty experts, secure magazine features, and promote brands' products to our clients.
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Reach out to us via the contact form or email our manager on WhatsApp, Telegram, or KakaoTalk at +821085391887.
We offer free shipping within Korea to your transportation company. Please review the following carefully before placing your order. If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the feedback form.
Delivery times vary based on destinations and will be coordinated with the recipient's transportation company.
(a) Shipping costs are weight-dependent, with all items shipped within 2-4 business days after payment confirmation.
(b) We do not cover shipping costs outside of Korea.
Upon receiving the price list, submit the completed order form to the manager and receive an invoice for payment. Adjustments to the order can be made at this stage.
After confirming your order, you'll receive an invoice for payment.
Once your invoice is paid, we'll ship your order free of charge within Korea to your chosen transportation company and provide all necessary information upon request.
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